Digital Illustration, Character Creation and Concept Art

Digital illustration is an art that helps to tell a story. Characters create a link between the story and the audience. Concept art is the study where these two words are combined bringing about a powerful and captivating personage or image.

There are many applications for illustration: animated video explainers for products and apps, infographics, children’s books, fashion design, mascot creation, game characters, etc.

So if you have a digital illustration project to be done, I want to know about it!

Character Creation

Character creation involves working with a range of illustration styles to match the client’s need. This process is usually called Concept Art, the initial stage of an idea. This has the purpose to bring about a visual representation of what has been discussed with the staff involved in the project. Below are some examples of digital painting styles. Some illustrations are final products for children’s books, and others concepts for 3D and 2D animation projects and mascotes for companies. Software utilised: Photoshop, Manga / Clip studio, Adobe Illustrator and Wacom intuos4 tablet.

Illustrations for animated video explainers

Video explainers are increasingly popular for they communicate in a clear language the purpose of your product, service or mobile app. ROBJOB can provide vector illustrations for video production companies or the finished animated video explainer.

Turnaround illustrations for 3D modelling

Turnaround images or model sheets are illustration maps of personages, these  allow 3D animators / modellers to clearly see different views of a character. Model sheets are usually employed  in the production aspect of the character, having the purpose of maintaining consistency, proportion and volume across all angles in which the character is being drawn.​ The turnarround images on the side were created for 3D animation projects and required a flexible and cartoon design, capable of doing extreme poses and facial expressions to push the limits of the 3D rigging system. Software used: Manga Studio and Photoshop and  Wacom intuos4 tablet.

Illustrations for Children’s books

Each children’s  book is unique, for this reason we work with a variaty of illustration styles to suit the author’s vision.

fully illustrated and interactive iPad book


The Caravan Man, our second iPad book in conjunction with the Children’s book author Barbara Roestenburg is availabe at apple store. The iBook project involved concept art for characters and environments, art direction, 2D animation and user interface design. Softwares used: Manga Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Audacity, Wacom intuos4 and iBook author. Traditional media used: pencil and paper, guache, water colours and coloured pencils.


Author: Barbara Roestenburg Art and Design: Robson Vieira Narration: Lynda O’ Reilly Music: Peter Renzullo from Scudley Records.

Video class ON Character creation

I am happy to announce my first Skillshare class on Creating and Awesome Adventure Character! Check out the video preview below.


Use the link, , to watch the full class and GET 2 MONTHS OF FREE SKILLSHARE PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION. If you’re not familiar, Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes on everything from business to graphic design to fashion.


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  • Use a mood board to give you inspiration.
  • Sketch the character and make it unique to your style.
  • Block colours, apply shadows and highlights and refine your outlines
  • Add details that will bring your character to a higher level.

Based in Melbourne, 
ROBJOB ART offers design and illustration services to clients around Australia  and all over the world.


Tell us about your graphic project and we will tell you how we can help.

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